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Le Parfait Super Jar - Discontinued (1500ml - 48oz - OLD)


Le Parfait Super Jar - Discontinued (1500ml - 48oz - OLD)


Product Description

Le Parfait glassware has been authentically, 100% made in France since the early 1930s and is recognized globally for superior quality.

Rooted in culinary excellence, iconic Le Parfait glassware is designed with precision and crafted from natural materials to preserve...

Shaped for sleek aesthetics and flawless function, Le Parfait products are hand-assembled in France's southern Auvergne region to provide a..."br"           UNIQUE, ARTISAN PRESENTATION"br""br" Le Parfait marries traditional practice and modern lifestyle, connecting a global community that values superior health and gourmet tastes..."br"               PRESERVING WHAT'S BEST


  • Rounded glass body – European chefs’ traditional style for professional preserves
  • Wide opening and attached glass lid – facilitates quick handling and filling of bulk goods
  • Fluid interior curves – allows access to every morsel and freezer storage
  • Wide range of volumes for lifestyle versatilité – preserves, picnics and presents!
  • Easy sterilization and preparation – plus dishwasher-safe cleanup
  • Reusable and durable -- perfect for a lifetime of fulfilling your daily lifestyle demands
  • Purity in design and materials – ensuring the finest taste for all your efforts
  • Embodies the rustic elegance of a French country kitchen – from Burgundy to Bordeaux
  • An impeccable canvas – inspiring culinary creativity for every presentation

L'ORIGINALE"br""br" Often imitated, but never replicated, Le Parfait endorses a versatile product range which can be confidently used for long-term preservation of food products, pantry organization, elegant counter and tabletop storage, gourmet food service, artful decoration, and glass packaging for the finest specialty goods."br""br" With timeless beauty, the Le Parfait brand nurtures popularity by responding to the modern trends of:

    "li"Enjoying Healthy, Natural, Seasonal, and Local Food "li"Reducing Food Waste and Energy Consumption, Saving Money and Resources "li"Experiencing and Sharing the Enjoyment of Homemade Cooking and Entertaining "li"Presenting Artisan Gifts with Creativity and French-Country Decor
Preserving What's Best...of the Harvest, of your Lifestyle, of the World.

Why Glass?

  • TASTE: Glass preserves flavor so you are experiencing pure taste.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Glass is natural and made from three simple ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash, making glass infinitely recyclable.
  • QUALITY: Glass says quality by itself. It's the only packaging material people are inspired to save, re-use, collect and display.
  • "li"HEALTH: Glass is non-reactive and an excellent protector of food. It is safe to use endlessly in your home so everyone is returning to glass packaging.
The Glass Jar: A symbol of a lifestyle dedicated to Preserving What's Best.

Super Jar Replacement Parts:

  • Super Rubber Seals are Latex-Free
  • Rubber seals can be used on both the Super Jars and Super Terrines
  • Use new rubber seals for each preserving / canning process
  • Be sure to sterilize rubber seals and ensure proper fit on glass lids prior to use
  • To open after preservation, simply pull the tab to release the vacuum
  • Replace rubber seals for general pantry storage after any signs of wear

Friendly Packaging

Le Parfait is committed to preserving the environment and promise to package our products accordingly.

This giftable pack containing Super Jars is mindfully presented using packaging materials (NO bubble wrap, NO foam) that are:

  • Recyclable: Can be recycled and are made from recycled content.
  • Biodegradable: Can be composted.
  • Reusable: Can be used again and again.
We use only cardboard, kraft padding and paper sealing tape!
       You're welcome, Mother Earth :)

Le Parfait Super Jar - Discontinued (1500ml - 48oz - OLD)